QACI Quirks - When Birds Fly South

QACI Quirks – When the Geese Fly South

Hello there fellow Quackers! I’m taking over QACI Quirks this week, and if you’re feeling sceptical of my abilities to brighten up your day, fear not(!), for I have been waiting for the opportunity to put my blatant nature as a punster to use by raising a collective QACI groan, for far too long.

As the past week has shown us, winter is coming, and with it probably a stark shift in both the climate and our outlook on life. Admittedly, not everyone shares my fondness for the warm tea and woollen jumper season, as it is s(no)w joke  that the gloomy weather, shorter days and finger-numbing chill does inspire the occasional winter-blues. Winter also means that many of us have unabashedly banded together as members of the Flu Fighters, with the harmonious chorus of ah-choos in the hallways and the satisfying sound of a tissue ripping free from the confining clutches of its box (hey, it’s the little things right?). 

Not to mention the fact that for my fellow seniors and I, our winter began with a careers and tertiary study information session which, like me, has probably given you cold feet when forced to think about our (very real) impending futures as self-accountable individuals of the world. Isn’t it un-brrr-lieveable how time flies?

Whilst the goose inside us all has probably now flown south in search of warmer skies, we might feel the slow metamorphosis into a more solitary beast – perhaps such as the lone wolf – or the compelling urge to hibernate like a bear, and sleep away our issues that tissues can’t solve. Sometimes, it may very well feel like we’re treading on thin ice, trying to juggle school and work and friends and hobbies and health at the same time. Yes, it can be quite ice-olating at times, but to that I say – in the interest of sticking to bird analogies – why don’t we embrace our inner penguin instead?

It is a known fact that in the winter, a group of penguins (called a waddle!) stay warm by huddling together. The waddle constantly shuffles the huddle to make sure every member gets the chance to stay warm in the middle, especially to look after their eggs (symbolism for the IB?). Likewise, the spirit of our community is built on the very principles of teamwork and support, therefore we must trust that each member in our huddle will support us through the winter, until the moment of the hatching.

(I also see the imagery here befitting, as the layers upon layers soon to cover us in will inevitably result in the need to waddle like a penguin as means of getting around.)

To conclude, let’s not forget the flock that we are surrounded by to lean on for warmth and help preserve through when the bitter blizzards of assessments and the much anticipated meltdowns strike. Let’s also not forget to chill a little as well, for winter also brings crisp air,

fuzzy socks and the opportunity to do some sweat-free exercise. 

[so as not to break the system set, Pun rating: over the charts]

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Last reviewed 15 May 2018
Last updated 15 May 2018