QACI Quirks - The IB is not a Sprint; it's a Marathon



‘The IB is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.’

These wise words have been repeated to us so many times before, that they now seem to have lost its original jaw-dropping effect. But the message is still clear and still relevant. With a marathon comes the many ups and downs, the muddy dirt tracks, the unpredictable weather and the relentless tiredness that threatens to overpower the will and strength to push on. However, more importantly, with a marathon comes the beat of hundreds of feet thumping towards a common goal.

Handing in the EE recently gave us all the opportunity to take a quick pit stop in the midst of this marathon to reflect on and celebrate just how far we’ve all come. On the day, we were rewarded with several sizzling sausages and juice-boxes so gratifying, they would have made any first grader turn green with envy! The many emotions (relief, pride, joy) that flooded the level 4 courtyard that morning led to a moment that allowed us all to reconnect as a cohort, and it reminded us that though this process was indeed a long uphill climb, the view at the top was worth it.

I’m sure that the EE has taught us each a valuable lesson about ourselves and who we are as future learners. However confronting or unwanted that lesson may be, let’s take it as an opportunity to improve for the climbs to come.

Speaking of climbs (did I mention that already?), exam block is coming up, which brings me to my next and very important point! Walking the halls, it has become increasingly easier to get swallowed into the growing void of misery that seems to be seeping from many of us. It can be easy to stay trapped in our own bubbles, where our own worries may hinder us from seeing how this is really affecting those around us. Yes, this marathon can be hard – oops, I mean rigorous – and the conditions may not always be in our favour, but now is the time to put our best foot forward and help each other make it to the finish line together. So, take the time to help someone else by sharing strategies for studying or for managing time, or to just share a laugh, a smile, a whimsical pun, to lessen the burden for someone else, and it may surprise you just how much it helps you as well.

Something else that I have started saying more frequently as the year progresses is: ‘take the wins as they come’. The countdown clock is ticking, and for many of us that means existential crisis mode has been activated! To feel lost and overwhelmed is expected, but try not to lose sight of what’s to come. This last stretch in our marathon is the toughest, yet most rewarding part yet, hence taking each win one by one as they come, and appreciating it in the moment is a very important concept that I believe everyone should consider in these pressing times.

With all this in mind, I’d like to once again remind everyone to tighten those shoe laces, sip on those *positive energy* drinks, and prepare those sunscreen-holding fanny packs for one final boost to the end. All the best, and please don’t break any legs!

...article written by Year 12, Vrinda Eswaran

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Last reviewed 16 November 2018
Last updated 16 November 2018