QACI support all the way!
Good Luck Micol!

170214 Micol Carmagnani Ice Skating

Synchronized Junior Team “Singing in the Rain”

Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus is delighted to support Micol Carmignani, Year 10, who will represent Australia as a member of the Iceskateers Elite Junior Ice Skating Synchronised Team at the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy in Croatia and Italy this month. Micol will also train in Italy with former Olympian, Roberto Pelizzola, and has been offered a place to attend the ISU Ice Dance Development Training Seminar in Germany during April.

170214 Micol Carmagnani Ice Skating 2

Team Shot prior to departing for Italy / Croatia

We extend best wishes to Micol and look forward to learning more about her experience as a collaborative, creative, and balanced team-player; characteristics that are embedded in the QACI Culture to:

170214 Micol Carmagnani Ice Skating 3

Later Micol will travel to Europe to dance a different discipline!

Accept the Challenge
Embrace the Opportunity
Fly in ā€˜Vā€™ Formation.