1968 – Music to entertain and unite a crowd!

…article Written by Jessica Klaverstyn, Year 10

Like all performing arts, music is one that entertains and unites a crowd. On Monday night, the QACI Music Department did just that! Approximately 300 people gathered to be regaled in an evening of music stemming from the era 1968. With over 21 ensembles, featuring performances by our percussion ensembles, stage band, string ensemble and VOX, the audience was mesmerised by the talent that QACI had to offer.

1968 was a year of unrest, both in Australia and around the globe: the Tet Offensive changed the Vietnam War and the tide of public opinion; riots in Paris brought the entire French economy to a virtual halt; the civil rights movement reached its peak, but was then devastated by the assassination of Martin Luther King Junior. Music provided the soundtrack to a generation torn apart and desperately searching for change. Served sometimes as commentary, sometimes as a catalyst, and sometimes simply as an escape, music was always there. But whatever the context, I’m proud to be able to say I performed alongside some very talented musicians and that everyone delivered a memorable show to open the QACI Music Department to the community in 2017.