1968 Creative Ensembles Showcase

1968 was a year of great unrest, both in Australia and around the globe: the Tet Offensive changed the Vietnam War, and the tide of public opinion; riots in Paris brought the entire French economy to a virtual halt; the civil rights movement reached it’s peak, but was then devastated by the assassination of Martin Luther King Junior.

In 1968, music provided the soundtrack to a generation torn apart and desperately searching for change. Music served sometimes as commentary, sometimes as a catalyst, and sometimes simply as an escape.

On 15 May, hear the songs of 1968 brought to life by the Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus (QACI) Music Department, as we reflect on the role music played then, and its importance now. The evening will feature performances by our Percussion Ensembles, Stage Band, String Ensemble and VOX, alongside our student lead ensembles, performing their own arrangements.

We are pleased to bring you some pieces that were recently featured in the Songs of Freedom concert at the Brisbane Powerhouse, alongside Festival of Tibet director Tenzin Choegyal.

Tickets to this performance are complimentary however booked within a limited context of availability.

Monday 15 May, 7pm
QACI Theatre
61 Musk Avenue

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