QACI Semi-Formal 2014

Photos and Story by Melodie and Katelyn, QACI Media Team

Saturday May 17 was filled with sparkling gowns and matching bow ties as the QACI Year 11 cohort headed off to their semi-formal. Students made memories aboard the Kookaburra Queen – against the stunning backdrop of the Brisbane River. The night has been described by students as an amazingly fun experience and a great opportunity to be around their peers in a more relaxed, social environment.

The evening began as students filed aboard the extravagant Kookaburra Queen to enjoy a fully catered cruise of the river under a clear Brisbane Autumn sky. Throughout the night access to the top deck, dance floor and other social areas was available to students as they let loose and enjoyed the experience as a cohort committed to inclusion; it was great to see such union that’s characteristic of a QACI event.

Many students spent part of the evening on the top deck, enjoying the breeze and beautiful sights along the Brisbane River; a great place to take photographs and create memories. The fun wasn’t all reserved for the students however, as teachers joined in with conversations, dancing and playful photos.

Of course the dance floor was an area of interest for everyone, with teachers and students taking the opportunity to enjoy the music.  A professional photographer was on board to capture some great shots of students with friends, teachers, and dates as the night went on.

The evening was playful and fun, however, as fitting for QACI students; behaviour was appropriate and made for a safe night. Many students brought escorts from other schools, which created inter-school spirit and good conversation!

The 2014 QACI Semi Formal was a great social event and served to strengthen the bonds between peers and the teaching community and thanks go out to everyone who helped to make it such an enjoyable occasion.

Glamour personified!  Max Beech and Summer Aldis ready for a great night out.

Glamour personified! Max Beech and Summer Aldis ready for a great night out.