QACI Market Day 2014

By Stephany Banal, QACI Media Team

Daniel MorecombeIf you’ve caught a QACI lift or passed a notice board during the past month you may have noticed posters advertising card holders, locker mirrors and various other products. On March the 17th QACI’s Year 10 business students were pleased to hold QACI’s third annual Market Day.  62 students in groups of 5 to 7 were given $50 to create a product or service to sell on Market Day at lunch for under $5.  All profit was to be donated the Daniel Morecombe foundation. In total there were 12 student businesses.

Products included

  • hairpins,
  • swipe Card holders,
  • stickers,
  • jewelry items,
  • lucky dips,
  • laptop decorations.

In preperation for Market Day, Year 10 business and management students were asked to write a business plan and then to execute it. Everyone in the group was given a role such as marketing manager, human resource manager, finance manager, production manager etc. Students were also expected to create a three minute advertisement that was shown during assembly in the weeks coming to Market day. Some advertisements used comedy, some parodied real life magazines, and some used ‘celebrity’ teacher endorsements.

On the day, the refectory was bursting with students as lunchtime  began. People everywhere were eager to score a bargain at the various stores. The student businesses only had a total of 70mins to sell their items so time was of the essence.  Some stalls quickly ran out of stock while others staggered their sales. At the end of lunch all students packed up their businesses and counted the money that they had earned. Profit was calculated after deducting the $50.00 that had been loaned at the beginning of each project.

When asked about which student business earned the most profit, Business Management teacher Rose Harris said “The purpose of the project is not to have a “winner”, rather the learning experience of setting up and running a small business. All businesses made a profit.” The total profit from the QACI Market Day was $771.80.  The money will be presented to a representative of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation on the 24th of March during assembly.