October 25 OPEN DAY showcases QACI to visitors

by Stephany Banal (QACI Media Team – Year 11 Student)

On Saturday 25 October QACI held its final open day for 2014 showcasing not only the Arts but also Maths, Sciences, Humanities and Languages. Open Day began in the afternoon, opening its doors to eager incoming students and their parents as well as future students and their friends. On the day visitors entered on level 2 where they received an information pack, registered their details and were assigned to a student who would tour them around QACI.

The foyer was very busy, full of parents speaking with members of QACI’s Host Team and Acting Principal Mr Donald. There were several stations that people could visit. Cur8 Visual Arts students opened Gallery 61 to showcase exIBit. Other than speaking about their course, some subject stations conducted activities. The Biology station conducted experiments with enzymes and the Business station had a QR Code challenge. In the Maths room teachers asked visitors to participate in an interactive maths quiz while the Music department had a band of students playing renditions of popular songs.

On level 7 Mrs Jahnke held an Adobe Workshop run by an Illustrator and Photoshop specialist who taught students about how to maximize the valuable software on their laptops. The smell of sausages wafted through level 4 as the P&C held a free BBQ on the deck for the visitors. The IB Information station was located in the refectory where Ms Evans spoke to parents wishing to know more about the International Baccalaureate. The QACI Wellbeing team comprising Rosie the school nurse, Matt, our friendly Chaplain and Kym, one of our Guidance Officers, all shared conversations with visitors and provided popcorn and fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

Other than prospective students visiting the Academy there were also a number of QA Young Scholars participating in a film workshop, these students from Years 5 – 9 created films with the help of Carbon Copies and imedi8 under the care of Ms Osborne.

QACI’s Host Team assisted on the day providing tours, as well as other students who had volunteered in their classes to assist with subject specific activities. One visitor made the comment to a member of the Host Team saying, “Wow, you must be very passionate about this school to come in on a Saturday,” further accentuating the dedication that QACI students have.

Overall the day was a blast and a great chance for QACI to connect and showcase its talents with the community.