MUSE Theatre Festival 30 May – 6 June


MUSE is a celebration of the latest evolution in young peoples’ theatre. Working independently, but under the mentorship of 22 industry professionals, the senior Theatre students at QACI take on a variety of roles from acting, directing and designing to create professional standard productions for our festival. They are not only involved in the artistic process, but also the practical management and marketing of their production and the festival as a whole.

MUSE provides a real-life experience and continues the QACI tradition of high quality artistic exploration by young people who are validated as practicing artists.


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Open to possibility and let the future smack you in the face.
We will be your clean slate,
And we will blanket it will the colour of new possibility.
Step aside and I will be your MUSE.

Cling to what you know,
And we will tread the future with purpose.
Wake up and smell vivid colour.
If you can’t keep up get out of the way and cheer me on.
I will be your MUSE.

If you trust us we will teach you.
Dance with possibility.
Run, dream and fight for more than a static future.
Attempt everything once without fear of risk or failure.
Do this and you will be my MUSE

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All performances showcased during the festival are listed below.

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FRIDAY 30 MAY, 7:30PM       MONDAY 2 JUNE, 7:00PM       THURSDAY 5 JUNE, 7:00PM

Andrew Daniels leads a monotonous existence, until one day the death of his favourite family member convinces him to end his own life. While passing through the void, Andrew is met by a confused teenaged grim reaper who can’t remember her own name let alone her job description. She lets him get away, back to the land of the living, where his girlfriend Mia is concerned for his (and her relationship’s) health. Andrew’s ‘Angel of Death’ keeps popping up all over the place, increasing Mia’s distress as Andrew is drawn in by morbid curiosity.

A dark comedy that could quite literally take your breath away, To Die For explores the idea that the grass might not be greener on the other side.

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SATURDAY 31 MAY, 7:00PM       MONDAY 2 JUNE, 7:00PM

Love, Grace lures you into a world of grief where three friends sit; posing questions about the ultimate nature of humans, love and loss. In the face of loss, how can we come back and hope to move forward?

Through the story of three friends we see how they were pushed to their limits, owned and loved by the same one person. Through this vibrant production we are shown the impact we can have on one another and are given insight into the surreal life of a girl who was too large for life.

If someone were faced with the choice between pain and nothingness, only a fool would choose nothingness.

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Stuck in an instant. Caught in her own mind. Struggling through the lies and secrets.Two sisters and one man will always cause conflict. Through the world of Delilah’s own paracosm, both sisters reveal what is truth and what are lies. Who killed him? You decide.

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Harper Littleby, Janette Begatz and Napoleon Stradarme are doing what your average librarians do in 2036, when technology has rendered the printed word obsolete: discarding books for incineration. They’ve just closed their library for the last time, leaving themselves with nothing but shelf-emptying, box-packing and future-pondering.

By their own hands, each librarian’s pondering becomes their total persuasion that one of their peers knows what their fate will hold, post-library. As Harper, Janette and Napoleon go to extremes to goad their fates from one another, they threaten to demolish the relationships, delusions and desires that they’ve built for too long.
‘After Hours’ is an Absurdist-inspired, character-driven, darkly comic romp into our need for certainty and peace of mind about our fate, how we go about achieving those qualities, and that age-old question: Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

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(im)permanence poses questions about the fundamental nature of our relationships: how they build, break and bend. In the entanglement of our friendships, where do we stand and how long do we stay there?

Built on encounters, we receive insight into two juxtaposed relationships of closeness and distance, joy and struggle. Influenced by contemporary theatre practice and fluid in form, this highly dynamic production charts the land between the real and surreal, physical and spoken. What lies in the space between us, and where could it lead?

Together we stand. United. In the darkest of days and the brightest of nights. Follow me. We’ll run away. We’ll see the world (But don’t take too long. I may be gone).

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Tickets to all performances are strictly limited. In securing a ticket you do so in a limited context of capacity. Please be mindful of the full QACI community and if your circumstances change please either cancel your bookings directly through Eventbrite or email us at so that we may do this for you. We thank you for your understanding.



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