Living Libraries 2014: Taking a page from the book of Year 10 Theatre

by Rhiannon Duncan

When reading a novel without pictures, we are left to conjure up images of our own, our imaginations bringing to life words amongst the pages. And on Monday 1 September, the Year 10 Theatre Ensemble painted the picture and led the audience into the captivating world of Living Libraries. This global movement where people instead of books are checked out, proved to be an intense but highly rewarding experience for all involved. As the official first public performance of the Year 10 Theatre Ensemble, the cohort delivered on its promise to be one of the Academy’s most intimate and moving works of this year.  Drawing on their personal narratives, the students engaged with members of the general public throughout the many nooks and spaces around QACI, executing a vast range of performances all of which were outstanding quality. For those fortunate to witness the talent, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Congrats to all of the Year 10s for their absolutely incredible Living Libraries performances, you all worked so hard and should be extremely proud!” ~ Maddison Francia, Year 11 Theatre.

With many artists performing in unusual spaces such as foyer counters and small dark rooms, the audience became one with the show and all left the halls after a truly remarkable night to remember. On behalf of the Year 10 Theatre Ensemble, thank you to the dedicated staff, who aided the students in executing an outstanding night, all who came to see the show and the community of QACI for all the support. And remember, don’t bend the spines, cottage their pages or take them home without a library card.