Kalopsia – Year 11 Theatre Ensemble

Queensland Academies Creative Industries Year 11 Theatre presents

n. A condition, state, or illusion in which something appears more beautiful than it really is

A showcase of classical scenes from

The Oresteia
Oedipus Rex
King Lear 

Over two nights the Year 11 Theatre Ensemble will share their work as directors, demonstrating how they interpret stories and recontextualise archetypes to re-present the poetry of the past.

“Theatre helps us find the courage to peel back the layers of who we are and look straight at what we find – often anything but the polished, beautiful façade we try to uphold…”

Reserve your tickets here:

Ancient Greek plays – Monday March 21, 7pm start

Shakespearean plays – Tuesday March 22, 7pm start

Audience numbers for the shows are strictly limited as these are QACI studio performances and bookings are essential. Failure to produce your ticket at the box office may result in entrance to the performance being denied. Tickets are complimentary.