Guest composer inspires music students

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Recently our Year 11 Music students had the unique opportunity to workshop with one of Australia’s leading contemporary composers, Gerard Brophy.

Brophy is an accomplished composer. His work has been commissioned and performed by the Queensland, Tasmanian, Western Australian, Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand Symphony Orchestras as well as the Malaysian Philharmonic and the BBC Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras. In recent years Brophy has worked extensively in the areas of ballet, dance and electronica composition.

His unique combined experience of transitional symphonic composition and electronica was particularly insightful to our Year 11 students as they worked together with Brophy to develop their Musique Concréte influenced electronic compositions.

Musique Concréte is a form of composition that utilises sampling and recorded sound and is often acousmatic in nature, meaning the listener does not see the origin of the sound. The theoretical framework for compositional practice was developed in the 1940s by Pierre Schaeffer.

A key thing Gerard taught us – in composition everything you create is valuable and useful. You shouldn’t disregard anything. When you begin, don’t expect the first thing you write to be perfect. You should allow your composition to develop and evolve on its own terms. Let it flow and save everything!” – [Issy Jukes and Sathumi Wijesooriya -Year 11 Music students]