Creative Ensemble Showcase

Creative Ensembles Showcase

Saturday 24th May – At QACI







Saturday night’s Creative Ensembles Showcase ‘A Tribute to Film Music’ was a huge success and the music department would like to acknowledge the tremendous work of all students involved.

We would particularly like to thank our very professional student tech team:

Nic Beith on Lighting

Briony Coward on Side Stage Management

And all the musicians who assisted in the seamless movement of instruments on and off stage.

And we would also like to acknowledge our Creative Ensembles fantastic five:

Simona Kaddatz

George Korenevski

Lesley Liu

Mark McDonald and

Isabella Zust-Sullivan

who all performed in four or more ensembles.

There were so many highlights throughout the show we couldn’t list them all here. Thank-you to everyone who attended. We were delighted to receive so much positive feedback from our audience members. The students truly appreciate your support and encouragement.

Here’s just a taste of what you might have seen there.