Creative Ensembles Showcase – Take me to the River

by Kushbu Tailor (QACI Media Team)

Last Friday evening QACI again presented exceptional talent at the Creative Ensembles Showcase ‘Take me to the river’, featuring amazing performances including VOX’s a cappella rendition of Prime Time Blues, Riptide performed by the Junior Folk Collective and Stormy Weather by Vocal Collective, as well as a number of other entertaining vocal groups, followed by outstanding appearances by instrumental ensembles and the stage band. The audience was also treated to a much awaited saxophone solo by our music teacher Matt Christensen. Each and every performance was delivered outstandingly and to a very professional standard. The evening was organised to raise funds for the Chaplaincy Program, and special thanks go to Mr Christensen and chaplain Matt Govan for creating a spectacular night with each performance leaving the audience breathless and waiting for more.

The words of Mr Christensen – ‘this is what we do for fun” – epitomise the enjoyment QACI students derive from performing together