ASPIRE 2014 acknowledges student achievements

by Stephany Banal (QACI Media Team – Year 11 Student)

Other than Graduation, ASPIRE is QACI’s biggest night of the year. This year, on Thursday 23 October QACI celebrated ASPIRE at the Brisbane Powerhouse in Teneriffe. It was a night of great speeches and astonishing performances. Many had been anticipating ASPIRE since the recipients for Subject Awards, International Mindedness, CAS and Artistic Excellence had been released. The Year 12s were eager to learn who would be awarded the Skein, Pathmaker, CIVA, Caltex All Rounder, and Academic Student of the Year awards as these were to be announced on the night.

The night began with a thrilling opening performance of Da Vinci’s Dream, a collaborative Butoh Theatre performance by Maeve Hook, Nicholas Prior, Katelyn Panagiris and Hayley McAllister dressed in muscle morph suits. Afterwards was a performance of Enya’s Aniron with a vocal accompaniment by a few of the percussion band. The hosts for the evening, Phebe Rowland and Krystal Lawrie then welcomed guests, including Mr Peter Geale Chairman of the School Council, Mr Greg Jenkins Head of Creative Arts at QUT, Dr Kathy Mackey from Queensland Academies, Mr Simon Hutton President of the P&C and Mr John Jose Founding Principal of QACI. View Repco Catalogue while visiting the new site.

After the Subject Awards, CAS, International Mindedness and Artistic Excellence Awards were presented, Eleanor Hill delivered a breath taking performance of her self arranged Theme and Variations Waltzing Matilda. Words could not describe the thrilling sound of her violin as it echoed through the theatre. In the dim light you could see her violin rosin powder drift softly up under the spotlight as her bow moved swiftly through the air. It was an outstanding performance. When Eleanor had finished her violin solo, the next Academic Awards were presented. These awards were presented to students who in Year 11 scored a 38 or above, in Year 11 scored a 36 or above or a Year 10 who had a grade point average of 4.0. Numerous students achieved these awards, an indicator of QACI’s pursuit of academic excellence.

The next awards to be presented were the four Year 12 special awards. These awards are only presented to those in the graduating cohort and comprise the Skein Award, Pathmaker, CIVA and Caltex All Rounder; the special guests who were attending presented these awards to their recipients. After these awards were presented next came time to present Academic Student of the Year. Mr Donald then went up to the podium and assistants holding four trophies walked onto the stage. Mr Donald gave a short speech about his experience thus far at QACI then invited Mr Jose to the stage to present the awards. Mr Donald explained that at QACI the Academic Student of the Year award was presented to the student that scored the highest in the year level, a student who scores a 45 automatically gets the award. It was then that members in the audience realised that there had been a tie and a total of four predicted IB 45s, thus making these four students the Academic Students of the Year. Mr Jose shook hands and hugged them as they received their awards. These students were Maggie Keith, Conor Leach, Margo Reynolds and Amelia Walters. As they received their awards the audience was excited, as never before had QACI had four predicted IB 45s. The air of enthusiasm usually accompanying ASPIRE was even further intensified. VOX then concluded the evening with a performance of Prime Time Blues by the Real Group and everyone left the Brisbane Powerhouse with proud and smiling faces. Overall ASPIRE 2014 was definitely a night to remember.

Special Award Recipients

CIVAs: Nick Prior, Savannah Pingol and Conor Leach

Aspire - Savannah Pingol - CIVA






Aspire - Connor Leach - CIVA


The Pathmaker: Savannah Pingol

The Skein Award: Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Caltex Best All Rounder: Amelia Walters






Academic Students of the Year: Maggie Keith, Conor Leach, Margo Reynolds and Amelia Walters