Today was the day. The day all QACI students had been looking forward to since the beginning of the year – Aquafest.

Aquafest, for all those who don’t attend QACI, is our swimming carnival, with a twist. Gone are the days of 100m butterfly, relay freestyle and similar competitive events. Instead, QACI enjoys the famed teacher/student race, the highly unusual ‘Whale Race’ and the headline event of synchronised swimming. It’s not your every day swimming carnival.

The day starts with the whole QACI cohort meeting in the school theatre for the first war cries of the day. Students proudly wearing the orange, green and red colours of their house (Vivezza, E’vellier and Matjiin, respectably) fill the theatre.  The cheers are soon out of the way, and the students make their way to the buses.

From the perspective of two Year 10s who really had no idea what to expect before experiencing AQUAFEST for themselves, despite what they’d heard, they were blown away by the fun aspect of the day.  ‘No one really cared about winning really, it was mostly about having fun, and team spirit.  It was totally different to my old school, and everyone was so enthusiastic!’

Results of the day:

Vivezza won AQUAFEST 2014

Matjiin won Synchronised Swimming (Yr 10)

E’Vellier won Synchronised Swimming (Yr 11 and Yr 12)



























To see all photos open this PDF – AQUAFEST Slides